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What is InterKanect

InterKanect is an SME online service that connects people with subject-matter-experts. We empower people by providing them opportunities to earn money by sharing their vast knowledge on various subjects. Earn, work, and live.As a SME, you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when, where, and how much you earn. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer connected to the internet to start making money. It’s that simple.


Earn extra money by selling your knowledge

Achieve your short-term goals or long-term dreams by providing one-to-one video conference using our private, secure video conference service.



Choose your own hours

Unlike full-time jobs or seasonal gigs, when and where you work is totally up to you.



Freedom to work anywhere

Using a smartphone allows you to be able to provide video consultations anywhere.



Easy to get started

 Just sign up and receive everything you need to start earning.


Know how much you'll make

Clear and concise pay model lets you know how much you will make before accepting any order.

SME Registration

Make Money Selling Your Knowledge! Making a living selling your homemade knowledge sounds like a dream come true right? We sure think so. By registering to become a SME on InterKanect you can do just that, and we’re here to help! We have many valuable resources available for getting started on the right foot with your knowledge-based microenterprise business.

To become a SME for any of our subjects, you must first create a SME Profile by clicking on the "New SMEs Sign Up Here" button located on the top toolbar. After successfully filling out the registration form a verification email will be sent to the email you entered on the registration form. You will need to click on the link inside this email to complete the registration process.


Sell Your Merchandise Online

Once successfully registered, a SME profile will be created for you. Use this SME profile to showcase your knowledge, experience and anything else you can think of that will enncourage people to choose you over other SMEs providing consultations on the same subject. Use text descriptions, photos and videos to tell the world how your knowledge and experience on a subject are better or more unique than any others. It's basically where you advertise and promote yourself and your knowledge.

Just login when you are open for business and logout when you are closed. When you are logged in, a green dot will appear next to your SME's avatar indicating to folks you're  open and ready for online video consultations. When you are logged out the green dot will be removed indicating to customers you are offline - closed and not accepting any consultations.


Online Payment System Integrated into the Private, Secure Video Conference Service

Each SMEs profile includs a private, secure video conference service integrated directly into our online payment system verified by PayPal . Anytime someone orders a consultation the payment will be directly deposited into your account. 

Need Support?

No problem. Click on the "Contact Us" menu item from the top menu bar and fill out the contact form specifying your issue.


Need A New Subject Catagory Added?
Click on the "Contact Us" menu item from the top menu bar. Fill out the contact form specifying the new category you want added and we will add it ASAP.


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