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    • IT Support/Computer Assistance

      Our most popular category. Covers Software/Hardware set up and networking advice. Forget Geek Squad and long holds with a customer service, InterKanect with a SME for all aspects of computer and information technology (IT) topics.

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    • Tutoring

      InterKanect is possibly the most user-friendly forum for remote tutoring on the internet. Day or night, pre-scheduled or ad hoc, connect with a tutoring SME when you or your child need to.

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    • Pets

      Our pet SMEs can help you through the many aspects of pet-rearing. Dog training, veterinarian services (read our terms and conditions before engaging SMEs for medical advice for your pet), product recommendations, food and diet advice.

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    • Other Hobbies

      If you have a hobby that you are looking for assistance with but do not see it as a category, click here and review our SMEs and their hobbies. If you still do not see it, please contact us and we’ll work to get you covered.

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    • Finance and Accounting

      Need assistance loan paperwork? Help with home budget or your taxes? Be you a homemaker or a CFO, or in between, our SMEs have you covered. Avoid costly accounting errors, InterKanect now.

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    • Outdoors

      Welcome the Great Outdoors! Get advice on Camping, Hiking, Fishing and wilderness travel from local experts, survivalists and park officials.

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    • Plumbing

      Seek expert advice from clogs to major repairs and damage assessment. Have pictures ready or direct access to the problem that you can share with your SME over the live video connection.

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    • Wine Tasting, Winemaking, Bartending, Brewhouse & Distillery

      Your SMEs in these categories are great for personalized wine-tasting (it’s like being at the winery without the drive), wine recommendations, cocktails, bartending instruction, anything you want to know about your favorite adult beverage.

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    • Travel Advice/Travel Agent

      Have an upcoming trip? Need sightseeing recommendations? Interkanect with a SME now to take the guesswork out of travel. SMEs use the share images feature to show you pictures of faraway places.

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    • Foreign Language

      SMEs can act as tutors or you can work with them to schedule regular training sessions to assist you in learning a second language. The white board is particularly useful in this category.

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    • Fine Arts

      Symmetric instruction and tip-sharing is crucial to the visual arts. InterKanect SMEs take full advantage of one-to-one video sessions to help you with all painting and fine arts topics.

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    • Photography, Film and Video

      Find advice about anything related to photography and filming here. SMEs can show you firsthand with the one-to-one video chat, and sharing files helps sharing techniques.

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